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NSA Announces New Partnership with Teladoc

Picture of TJ Jorgensen

TJ Jorgensen

NSA National Media Director

NSA and BPA are pleased to announce an innovative benefit now available for all our NSA/BPA members. 

Coaches – please share this information with your players and parents.

We have secured an exciting new partnership with HealthiestYou by Teladoc that provides you and your family 24/7 access to a doctor. 

Teladoc is a trusted provider, known for providing exceptional member service and is one of the fastest growing telemedicine companies in the country.

The coverage rate for members and their families has been negotiated at a super preferred NSA/BPA rate of only $15 per month.  

Again, not per visit or call  – but per month for the entire family.   NO Contract – Cancel anytime!

We feel this is a great new benefit for all our members to save money and help keep us safer in this challenging and constantly changing healthcare environment.  

– Talk to a doctor by phone or video chat 24/7, at home or on the go – access from anywhere.

– UNLIMITED coverage for the whole FAMILY at one low monthly price, with NO CONTRACT!  Cancel anytime.

– NO COPAYS or Consult Fees to talk to a Doctor. EVER.   NO Deductibles to pay.    

– NO Time Limits on calls.  (Other services may have a time limit and charge you more if you go over the allotted time)

– Over 8,000 board-certified doctors.

–  Get treated for sore throats, pink eye, bronchitis, flu, rashes, allergies, sinus infections, and more!

   You can even use a call once per year just for prescription refills (non-controlled substances only) in case you get caught without a script you need right away.

– Save money by finding the lowest-cost prescriptions in your area (even if out of town) and compare prices for procedures.

– Find the nearest pharmacy, emergency room, or other provider. Great option when you are away from home.

– Download the APP – Enroll in less than 2 minutes, then enter your medical history.  Activation can take between 24-48 hours, depending on the time of day your final information is submitted. After activation, you can talk to a doctor for free whenever you or your family members need to 24/7, no need to wait until morning to call the doctor!


Take a few minutes to review the HealthiestYou information. If this NSA/BPA member benefit would help you and your family, please enroll today. 

Use this link to ENROLL TODAY or copy and paste the following into your browser https://www.mymemberbenefits.net/NSA 

Remember, it can take between 24-48 hours to activate your account, depending on the time of day enrollment is complete and all information submitted.

If you have further questions on HealthiestYou by Teladoc, or need help with the enrollment process, please call:  800-319-6019.