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NSA Hall of Fame: Bill VanAlstine (2009)




  • 1995 Mike Pascuzzi Award (Slow Pitch Umpire of the Year)
  • 2001 Mike Pascuzzi Award (Slow Pitch Umpire of the Year)

William “Bill” VanAlstine’s career with the NSA began in 1994 at the CCAC Sports Complex in Warsaw, Indiana a few days prior to the NSA men’s “E” State Championships.  Bill had impressed the UIC to the extent that Bill was assigned to work the plate in the championship game.  A few weeks later, Bill worked a Regional Tournament in Indianapolis, and was again on the plate for the title game.  Southern Indiana State Director Bob Griffin asked Bill to come back to Indy and work the “AA” World Series.  Bill agreed and the UIC of the event, Mike Coppinger liked what he saw in Bill, and once again Bill was assigned the plate for the championship.  Later that year, Bill worked the NSA World Series in Indianapolis, the 35 & Over World Series, the Industrial World Series, and in October Bill was invited to Nashville, TN to umpire in the Super “D” World Series.  In every tourney, Bill was involved in the Championship game.  While in Nashville, Bill was introduced to Eddie Ray Cantrell, and this relationship began and Bill got an invitation to work the Major Circuit NIT’S in 1995.

From the conclusion of 1994, Bill VanAlstine’s presence was seen throughout the NSA community.  Bill traveled to Kentucky, Florida, and Texas for the Major circuit, and was chosen to work the Major World Series in just his second year with the NSA.  Bill was also the first NSA umpire to be selected to work in 3 consecutive Major World Series events.  In 1995 alone, Bill worked a total of 52 World Series level games, in addition to an endless number of games at the qualifying, State, Regional, NIT and league level.

Bill even put on the Fast Pitch Gear and worked the NSA Youth Fast Pitch World Series in 1998 and again was selected to work the finals of the 16 & Under Division.

In the next 10 years with the NSA, Bill won a record setting two (2) Mike Pascuzzi awards,  which is the NSA’s National Umpire of the Year award, and the most prestigious award that an Umpire can earn with the NSA.  Bill was also a UIC for Northern Indiana for two years, traveled throughout the country, and was a member of the first NSA umpire crew that went to Canada to work the “PIF” which is the largest attended softball tourney that the NSA has been involved in, with over 7500 spectators in attendance each night. 

National Director of Umpires Eddie Ray Cantrell had this to say about Bill.  “Bill was a Major Umpire on the Major Circuit when we traveled across the US with NSA Major NIT’s, and was a cornerstone in that division for me personally when I needed a crew to work the Major Division World Series.”  “No tournament was too small for Bill to work, nor too large.  He worked them all with equal professionalism, and that is what separates Bill from most every other umpire.”  “Every game was the finals of the Men’s Major World Series to Bill, from the league game to the toughest of World Series finals, Bill worked them all the same.”

Mike Snyder, Eastern Zone UIC and Major Circuit UIC had this to say about Bill.  “In all honesty, if there were a single most important slow pitch game anywhere in the US, I would have Bill on the Plate.”  “Bill’s command of the game and professionalism to the players and coaches is unmatched by anyone.” 

For all of Bill VanAlstines’s contributions to the game of softball, in November of 2009, William “Bill” VanAlstine was the 12th Umpire to be inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.