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NSA Hall of Fame: City County Athletic Complex (IN) (2012)



The City County Athletic Complex (CCAC) is a premier sporting facility in the Midwest that is backed by the city and community of Kosciusko County.

The City County Athletic Complex opened its doors to the softball community in 1994 to NSA leagues. 

Beginning in 1995 CCAC sanctioned 100% exclusively with the NSA.  Since 1995 every tournament conducted by the CCAC has been sanctioned with NSA or BPA. 

Every year since 1995 the CCAC has been recognized by the NSA / BPA as an Outstanding Park.

At the time of their induction into the NSA  / BPA Sports Hall of Fame, over 3,000 NSA and BPA tournaments have been hosted by CCAC since 1995. 

This outstanding facility is the ultimate sports complex enjoyed by the teams, families, umpires and NSA / BPA directors that look forward to returning season after season.

On October 25, 2012, the City County Athletic Complex was inducted in the NSA/BPA Sports Hall of Fame.