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NSA Hall of Fame: Dale Gellner (2023)

CATEGORY: Director


AWARDS WON: 2001 State Director of the Year

Dale Gellner began his NSA career in the 1990’s as a slow-pitch area Director for the state of Washington. Dale’s unquestioned integrity, hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and passion began to open doors for Dale and he was promoted to both State Director and Regional Director overseeing Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. In 2008, Dale became the Assistant State Director for youth fast-pitch tournaments.

For the many active years that Dale served the Western Zone, the Western Zone V.P. never received a negative phone call or e-mail regarding Dale.  In 2001 Dale received the State Director of the Year award and in 2022 he was selected as the 110% Award recipient for the Western Zone.

While working an event, Dale expected nothing shy of 100% effort for those working with him and expected his own effort as a leader to exceed 150%. Dale would never ask anyone to perform a task that he himself had not undertaken and could therefore be a leader from personal experience. 

In his spare time Dale enjoys spending time with his 2 sons, daughter-in-law and grandson.

On November 8, 2023 Dale Gellner became the 34th Director inducted into the NSA-BPA Sports Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2023.