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NSA Hall of Fame: Dave Jersey (2010)




  • 2001 Mike Coppinger UIC of the Year Award


David Jersey started his NSA umpiring career in 1994 in Tennessee and Kentucky.  David worked in numerous league and area tournaments.  His career includes 35 local NSA tournaments and along with the distinction of umpiring 16 Tennessee NSA State Tournaments.  Through his dedication as a NSA umpire, David was nominated and appointed as the Tennessee State Umpire-In-Chief in 1998.

At the national umpiring level, David had the privilege of umpiring the NSA’s first Fast Pitch Super World Series in Kansas City, Kansas in 2001.  Also at the national level, David distinguished himself by umpiring in a total of 13 NSA World Series and being a Umpire-in-Chief in 14 NSA World Series.

In 1999, David was appointed to Region 4 Umpire-In-Chief which added responsibility for 6 states to enlist, train and assign umpires.

In 2001, David was nominated by his umpiring peers and was selected as the NSA National Fast Pitch Umpire of the Year. 

The NSA has never had an umpire or UIC that has shown more dedication and loyalty than David.   He will always be known as one of the best and most dedicated umpires / UIC ever to wear the NSA logos.

David Jersey was inducted November 3, 2010 into the Umpire Category of the NSA Sports Hall of Fame.