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NSA Hall of Fame: David Bassett (2007)

CATEGORY: Meritorious


Honesty and Integrity are two words that first come to mind and best describe Hank Bassett.  Hank is known by many as a representative for H&B/Louisville Slugger.  However, to those who have really gotten to know Hank, they see him as an ambassador to and for the game of softball.  Hank has for years shared his knowledge of the game to anyone having the desire to listen and learn about this great game that we all love.   Hank isn’t a member of the NSA Hall of Fame simply because of his works with H&B or his relationship with the NSA through his work with H&B, but rather due to his traits as a human being that helps the world of softball and those that make it their passion.  Hanks passion for the game goes deeper than most.  From his days as a manager of his own teams, to his relationship with H&B to the NSA Hall of Fame and all points in between,  there quite possibly is no other person on Earth who shares that passion for the game like David “Hank” Bassett.  His works both on and off the softball field for the game of softball is second to none.

Through his work with H&B/Louisville Slugger, Hank was able to further his impact on softball with team and tournament sponsorships that allowed many teams and a great number of tournaments from the local level through the World Series level to become a success.  In a time when sponsorships are hard to find, Hank has always seemed to be not only able, but prepared to lend a helping hand.  There are countless NSA directors that owe Hank a debt of gratitude that can never be paid in full.  Some would say; well that’s his job but to those that know him say that is Hank’s passion.  Softball would not be the game that it is without the likes of David “Hank” Bassett.  He is truly an inspiration to all that have been lucky enough to pass his way or to have Hank pass our way.

From a coach, manager, team owner, to a Louisville Slugger Representative, David “Hank” Bassett has worn many hats in the world of softball.  Each hat he has worn with pride, professionalism and passion.  The world of Softball is a better place because of Hank Bassett.  For all the hats he has worn, for the integrity, for all the passion, for the un-wavering loyalty to the game of softball, Hank Bassett became the 10th recipient of the Meritorious Category and was inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame in November of 2007.