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NSA Hall of Fame: Dirk Androff (1998)



Dirk Stephen Androff of Decatur, Illinois was a very gifted athlete who in the short time that he played softball left his mark in the game forever.   After graduation from Decatur Eisenhower High School, Dirk went on to a free-agent tryout with the New York Jets.

His fame however came in slow pitch softball when he began his career with the Belleville Budweisers and the St. Louis Rockets.  Dirk began playing in the major division of slow pitch softball in 1988 with Steele’s Silver Bullets.  In 1991 he joined Rictch’s Superior/TPS and went on to play in numerous world and national men’s major championship tournaments.

Dirk was named to 23 All-World teams, winning national MVP honors 3 times (1991 USSSA, 1992 ASA and 1995 NSA).  There is no telling how his numbers could have stacked up to the giants of the game, but he passed away unexpectedly in 1997 which did nothing but increase his already growing legend status.

In November 1998, Dirk Androff was inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame into the Player Category.