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NSA Hall of Fame: Dudley Sports (1995)

CATEGORY: Meritorious


In 1950 the Hubbert/Spalding major league stitching contract expired. Dave Hubbert developed a much improved softball which could be used in the developing major U.S. sport. Dave Hubbert marketed his new softball through a small New York firm called Dudley Sports Co. For 18 years a home work force of 150 people stitched Dudley softballs in Perkasie, PA. In 1968 Hubbert Ball Co. merged with Dudley Sports.

The Dudley softball went on to become the most popular softball in the United States.

In the 1980’s, the National Softball Association approached the Dudley /Spalding Company asking for monetary and equipment support for various tournaments and publications. Dudley, represented by John Huckle, accepted an agreement with the NSA and has been a partner in softball ever since, becoming the third company to become a major sponsor to the NSA.

In 1995, Dudley Sports became the third sponsor to be inducted in the Meritorious Category into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame.