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NSA Hall of Fame: Faye Cantrell (2005)

CATEGORY: Executive



  • 2001 Presidential Award of Excellence


Faye Cantrell has been involved with the NSA before it had a name or ever became an association.  She was the first person that Hugh Cantrell talked with about starting a softball organization.  Faye held a full time job, which helped take care of the family expenses for several years until NSA began getting established and Hugh received compensation for his work with NSA.  Faye supported the NSA by working nights and weekends when needed to prepare for meetings, tournaments and conventions without receiving any compensation until 1998 when she retired from her full time job; a 27 year career with GTE.  Upon her retirement from GTE, Faye assumed the position of the NSA National Office Manager.  She is the person that keeps the “ship on course”, from the smallest of details to getting information to directors to being instrumental in getting the NSA web – site off the ground.  Faye is a behind the scenes person who each year is responsible for arranging and handling every detail of the NSA National Convention.  She assists each year in all of the NSA publications.  Faye is often the person who turns out the lights at the office at night. 

For her outstanding contributions to the NSA she received the NSA Presidential Award of Excellence in 2001 making her the first woman recipient of NSA’s highest honor.

Faye was instrumental in building and furnishing the NSA Sports Hall of Fame, which is a grand tribute to the NSA organization as a whole.  Faye also helped design and set up the installation of the NSA Walk of Fame at the entrance to the Hall of Fame building.  Most of the NSA directors will tell you that if you want it done, call Faye.

Faye gave of herself in the lean years as a supporter to Hugh financially as well as with moral support when NSA was but one drop of water in the ocean of softball in order for NSA to become what it is today.  Still at Hugh Cantrell’s side, together they run the finest association in the world of softball.  For her unsurpassed dedication the National Softball Association, the NSA Hall of Fame committee unanimously voted Faye into the NSA Hall of Fame. 

In November 2005 Faye Cantrell became the first person inducted to the NSA Hall of Fame in the Executive Director category.