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NSA Hall of Fame: Gerald Parrish (1997)



Gerald Parrish coached for over 20 years in the Adult Men’s Division in the Class B, C and D levels of competition.  His Parrish Lumber teams participated in hundreds of NSA tournaments over the years in the state of Kentucky.  Gerald always supported the NSA program in Kentucky and seldom missed an NSA tournament. 

In 1984, Gerald’s Parrish Lumber team won the Class C World Series in Indianapolis Indiana at Midwest Sports Complex.  Gerald was a staunch supporter of the NSA program, either with his team as a participant, a fan or just out there selling the NSA to teams that had never heard of the NSA. 

For his relentless support of the NSA program, in November 1997, Gerald Parrish became the second coach to be inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.