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NSA Hall of Fame: Jon Chalfant (2022)




  • 2010 Mike Pascuzzi Award (Slow pitch Umpire of the Year)


Jon began his career with the National Softball Association in 1994 when he was umpiring a league behind the Muncie American Legion Post. As the NSA grew in Indiana and with the addition of the Muncie Sportsplex, Jon’s on field ability grew as quickly as the NSA. Before long, Jon was an umpire that was a “Must Have” to ensure the success of a tournament. Jon was State UIC for two (2) years where he mentored and trained umpires many of whom are still with NSA.

During his career, Jon has worked the World Series of every level of the slow pitch game in the Men and Women’s programs from the Bronze (E) to the Major levels. Jon’s on field ability caught the attention of Eddie Cantrell and Mike Snyder.  Jon was soon traveling the country (Seattle, Houston, Florida, Ohio and the Carolinas) where he work endless number of qualifiers, States, Regionals, Worlds, and Super Worlds.

Jon was named Indiana Umpire of the year twice, winner of the Pascuzzi Award (National Umpire of the Year) in 2010, and was inducted into the Indiana Hall of Fame in the Umpire Category in 2012.

Jon has been working league games in Indiana and hundreds of tournament games for NSA since 1994 and has become a great ambassador for the NSA. Jon now becomes the 35th Umpire to be inducted into the NSA-BPA Sports Hall of Fame.