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Hall of Fame Members

*Dale Gellner – Director Category

*Jim Piercefield – Director Category

*Mike DellaRocco – Umpire Category

*Steven Endress – Umpire Category

*Angela Salcido  – Meritorious Category

*Kankakee River Road Sports Complex – Park Category

*Will be inducted in November 2023

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Jon Chalfant – Umpire Category
John Vecs – Umpire Category
Brianna Martens – Player Category
Mike Randolph – Director Category
Jeff Williams – Director Category

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Dennis Grah – Umpire Category
Ron Churchill – Umpire Category
Mike Hagy – Director Category
Westside Bullets Softball Club (CA) – Meritorious Category
Kokomo Park Departent / Northwest Park (IN) – Meritorious Category

Click here to watch the HOF induction videos.

James Finch – Director Category
Andy Pearson – Director Category
Dennis Schwantner – Director Category
Richard Alderson – Umpire Category
Toby Baccante – Umpire Category
Barry Rhoads – Umpire Category
Oak Lawn Park District – Meritorious Category

Steven Jensen – Director Category
Stan Hansen — Coach Category
Ray Couturier — Umpire Category
Larrel “Nick” Nickerson — Umpire Category
Denny Helmig — Meritorious Category
Henderson Park & Recreation (NV) — Meritorious Category

Les Duncan — Director Category
Steve Andersen — Umpire Category
Jim Woods — Umpire Category
George Roy — Coach Category
Jason Sands — Meritorious Category
City of Williamsburg (VA) — Meritorious Category
Low Bobs (KY Women’s Team) — Meritorious Category

Bradley Gordon – Director Category
Chris Myers – Director Category
Mike Shenk – Player Category
The Jones Group – Meritorious Category
Robert Kerness – Umpire Category
Leonard Winchester – Umpire Category

Mark Balven – Director Category
Frank Rachubka – Director Category
Jim Armour – Meritorious Category
Phillip “Phil” Hardy – Player Category
Tom Eddy – Umpire Category
Anthony “Tony” Hool – Umpire Category

Gregory Powers – Coach Category
Bob Biehl – Director Category
Jerry Jones – Player Category
Ron Bryant – Umpire Category
Mike Ogden – Umpire Category
Clark County NV- Park Category
Visit Charlotte, NC – Meritorious Category

Gerry Gund – Director Category
Jacquelyn Williams-Douglas- Player Category
Dan Mitchler – Umpire Category
Ray Sullivan – Umpire Category
City of Gadsden- Park Category
Rainbow Fields- Park Category

Steve Collins – Director Category
Sonja Ritchie – Executive Category
Jeff Hague – Meritorious Category
Lou Davis – Umpire Category
Karl Swihart – Umpire Category

City County Athletic Complex (IN) – Park Category
Paradise Park (AL) – Park Category
Charles Smith – Player Cateogry
Ramada Plaza (IN) – Meritorious Category
Gene Wermes – Umpire Category

Kathie Horton Director Category
Dan Cunningham Meritorious Category
Freedom Florence Park Meritorious Category
Michigan City Parks & Rec Meritorious Category
Brett Helmer Player Category
Carmen Rodriquez Umpire Category

John Lynch Directory Category
Mark Jackson Meritorious Category
Mike Jackson Player Category
Dave Jersey Umpire Category

Bob Wesling Coach Category
Bill and Janie Bryant Meritorious Category
Bill VanAlstine Umpire Category

Red Moore Coach Category
Howard Edwards Director Category
Richard Sanders Meritorious Category
Paul Armstrong Umpire Category
Mike Latoszkiewicz Umpire Category

John Dobernick Coach Category
Joe Cothran Director Category
David “Hank” Bassett Meritorious Category
Mike Snyder Umpire Category

Tommy Zehmer Director Category
James Moyer Sports Complex Meritorious Category
Willie Alexander Umpire Category
Bill Suich Umpire Category

Jim Kimmel Director Category
Faye Cantrell Executive Director Category
Bob Hildenbrand Meritorious Category
Jeff Wallace Player Category
Danny McMahon Umpire Category

Lonnie O’Haver Director Category
Worth, Inc. Meritorious Category
Michelle Delloso Meritorious Category
Jim Metz Umpire Category

Garnet Bebermeyer Director Category
Cherry Park Park Category
Shannon J. Simpson Player Category
John DeLuca Umpire Category

Bill Horton Director Category
Jim Miles Meritorious Category
Midwest Sports Complex Park Category
Jay Huffstickler Player Category

Tom Devlin Director Category
Marty Lalley Director Category
Todd Joerling Player Category
Jim “Papa” Hopson Umpire Category

Tim Fishburn Director Category

Jimmy Sutton Director Category
Don Snopek Umpire Category

David Butler Director Category
Parker Knige Eagles Meritorious Category
Mary Conner Meritorious Category
Dirk Androff Player Category
Mike Macenko Player Category
Rick Weiterman Player Category

Gerald Parrish Coach Category
Tommy Oheler Director Category
Mike Coppinger Umpire Category

Chuck Middleton Director Category

Dave Neale Coach Category
Dudley Sports Meritorious Category

Jack Roney Director Category

Steele’s Sports Meritorious Category
Eddie Ray Cantrell Umpire Category

Hugh Cantrell Director Category
Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger Meritorious Category
Bruce Meade Player Category

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This application must be submitted by a sponsor having a position of Zone VP, Zone or Regional UIC, Hall of Fame Committee Member, or NSA Board of Director.
Applications MUST be post marked no later than 10/1 of the current year and will not be processed without all required* fields completed
Three (3) Character Witnesses: Applications must be submitted with a statement from each reference to jameskimmel@comcast.net within 48 hours.