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NSA National Softball Association

The Players Association

Hall of Fame Members

*Rob Biehl – Director Category

*Kevin Price – Player Category

*Jose Barraza – Umpire Category

*Darcell Fleeman – Umpire Category

*Charlotte Moss  – Meritorious Category

*Leslie Barker  – Meritorious Category

*TJ Jorgensen  – Meritorious Category


*Will be inducted in November 2024 in Reno, NV

Nomination Form

This application must be submitted by a sponsor having a position of Zone VP, Zone or Regional UIC, Hall of Fame Committee Member, or NSA Board of Director.
Applications MUST be post marked no later than 10/1 of the current year and will not be processed without all required* fields completed
Three (3) Character Witnesses: Applications must be submitted with a statement from each reference to jameskimmel@comcast.net within 48 hours.