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NSA Hall of Fame: Jeff Wallace (2005)



Jeff Wallace grew up in Phoenix, New York, and joined Steele Sports in 1996 which began an illustrious career with slow pitch softball.  Jeff began playing for Steele Sports and then moved on to play with the following “AA” Teams – Pace/TPS, New Construction/TPS, Sojern/TPS and the following Major Teams – Team TPS, Long Haul/TPS, Resmondo/Hague and Resmondo/Smith/Menosse.  Jeff has always been a great ambassador to the game of softball often sacrificing time with his family in order to promote the game he loves. 

Jeff has assembled a long list of accomplishments while playing slow pitch softball:

NSA Major World Series MVP – 1998 and 2001

National Softball Player of the Year – 2001 and 2002

National Home Run Champion – 2002, 2003 and 2005

NSA Major World Champion – 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2004

2 time “AA” World Series runner-up

4 time “AA” World Series All-Tournament Team

2 time “AA” World Series Home Run Champion

3 time NSA Major World Series Home Run Champion

35+ National Runner-Up and All-Tournament Team in 2004

8 time NSA Major World Series All-Tournament Team – 1998 thru 2005

29 time NSA NIT All-Tournament Team

In November 2005, Jeff Wallace became the 8th Player inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.