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NSA Hall of Fame: Jeff Williams (2022)

CATEGORY: Director



  • 2016 State Director of the Year
  • 2018 John Lynch – Slowpitch Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2023 John Lynch – Slowpitch Outstanding Achievement Award


Jeff began his NSA career in 2009 knowing he had a tall task in front of him. He was taking over as the State Director of South Carolina from retiree Jimmy Sutton who was well known and respected. Normally when a new Director comes on board, it is expected that a decrease in participation comes with the move. However, in the case of Jeff, there was no reduction as he held numbers comparable to those Jimmy had. It was only 2-3 years until an increase was seen.

Jeff made his own reputation and respect and is known as a “Players Director” and an “Umpires Director”. He does his best to ensure every team gets a fair game from the umpires and is very careful to hear both sides of every story prior to making a decision.

The growth of the NSA in South Carolina and the Eastern Zone as a whole is due to the commitment from Jeff. He has moved past just conducting weekend events to sanctioning leagues throughout South Carolina.

Over the years and with more knowledge and respect from his peers, Jeff has become more vocal in the recent years. In the cases where he believes in a rule or by-law change, he will never give up trying to make his point.

Jeff’s passion and respect for the game and the NSA is unparalleled and for these reason Jeff is being inducted into the NSA-BPA Sports Hall of Fame as the 33rd Director.