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NSA Hall of Fame: Jim Miles (2002)

CATEGORY: Director


When you think of Jim Miles, the phrase “team player” is the first thing to come to mind.  Jim, a native of Kentucky and transplanted to North Carolina, attended the University of Kentucky on a football scholarship after graduating from St Joe Preparatory School in Bardstown, KY.  At the University of Kentucky, Jim was the starting center on offense and linebacker on defense and played for Coach Charlie Bradshaw.

In 1982, Hugh Cantrell approached Jim about plans for the NSA.  Jim’s reply was “You can do it Hugh”, and he would stand behind Hugh 100%.  And from that moment in 1982, Jim has not only been behind Hugh, but beside him.

Jim was the 3rd Board of Director to be appointed to the NSA Board of Directors in October of 1982 and as of his induction to the Hall of Fame is still a Board of Director. 

Jim supported the NSA program in Kentucky as a director, umpire, scorekeeper, or anything else that NSA needed to get tournaments complete.  In those early years as Jim was trying to help build the NSA, there were no NSA leagues only tournament play. 

Jim had to make a move for IBM, which took the Kentuckian to North Carolina.  When Jim arrived in Carolina, he started promoting NSA to two very important individuals who were running another association’s tournaments and leagues at that time.  Those two individuals were Hall of Fame Directors David Butler and Tommy Oheler.  John Taylor of Cherry Park in Rock Hill, SC has always been a Jim Miles fan because Jim was the driving force to bring World and Regional Tournaments to Cherry Park on a regular basis.  Now Cherry Park has a place in the NSA Hall of Fame as well. 

Jim Miles is a man of high morals, values, and integrity and has been with the NSA family virtually since day one.  For his undying support of NSA on November 7, 2002, Jim Miles was the 5th recipient to be inducted to the NSA Sports Hall of Fame in the Meritorious Category.