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NSA Hall of Fame: John Dobernick (2007)



John Dobernick has coached softball for over 35 years and at the time of this writing has coached NSA teams for over 15 years.  When someone is asked about John Dobernick, “Class” is always the first word mentioned followed by, John always had very good teams.  His teams competed at the highest levels that NSA had to offer in the Industrial Program as well as competing in the NSA Men’s “B” World Series and in the “A” division in the state of Michigan and surrounding areas.  John’s competitive Industrial teams also competed in the Masters 35+ Competitive Divisions.  Throughout his career, John’s teams sought out the best of competition when so many others around him tried to drop down to lower divisions. 

During his coaching career, John was known by thousands of umpires as a true gentleman on and off the field so much so that several Michigan umpires offered to be character witnesses for John’s induction into the NSA Hall of Fame.

Through the years John Dobernick’s Plumber and Pipefitter team supported the NSA program and carried the NSA banner with class and character.  Throughout the years John’s teams have always displayed impeccable sportsmanship, respect for umpires and their opponents and for the game of softball. 

In November of 2007, John Dobernick became the 3rd coach to be inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame.