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NSA Hall of Fame: Mike DellaRocco (2023)




  • 2015 Eddie Caillouet Award (Fast Pitch Umpire of the Year)

Mike Della Rocco began his career with NSA as an umpire in 1998 and since then the list of accomplishments is rather lengthy. Mike excelled as a fast pitch umpire at all levels from Qualifiers, States, and World Series. From the beginning Mike’s on field knowledge and his ability to work with and train other umpires was noticed by his State Director and State Umpire in Chief. Mike’s approach to any game he worked was to give the team’s 100% effort. From the first game of an event, to the last game he worked (which normally was the Championship) Mike demonstrated consistency on how he called a game.

For a few years leading up to 2015, Mike served as an Assistant State UIC and in 2015 Mike became the UIC for Indiana Fast Pitch. As the UIC Mike was always approachable to coaches, players, and spectators and with his knowledge of the rules and in the game he could resolve an issue in a very short time. When assigned to UIC an event, Mike was always prepared to assume any role and never reported without having his umpire apparel close by.

Mike has served as a member of the Indiana Hall of Fame Board since 2016 and was inducted into the Indiana Hall of Fame in the Umpire Category in 2017. In addition, Mike was Indiana Umpire of the year in 2012 and selected as National Umpire of the year in 2015.

Mike enjoys spending time with his wife Penny and children Liz and Rosey. When not with family or umpiring, Mike enjoys playing golf. Mike is also well known for his apparel as he never shows up to an event without wearing matching clothing. It has been said that Mike goal is to make the cover of GQ Magazine. 

On November 8, 2023 Mike Della Rocco became the 38th Umpire inducted into the NSA-BPA Sports Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2023.