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NSA Hall of Fame: Mike Randolph (2022)



Mike Randolph became a member the NSA family in 1994 as a Director in Tennessee working with Tom Devlin. Mike’s roots were in the youth fast pitch program where he was a well respected coach. Mike’s coaching style carried over to his capacity with the NSA – he was very knowledgeable of the rules and treated everyone with respect but also knew how to be firm with a decision.

At the NSA National Conventions, Mike always came prepared to discuss any and all rule changes that were submitted. He was never shy when it was his opportunity to speak in favor of or against a rule change; however, his reasoning was always well thought through and presented with his passion.

One of Mike’s outstanding abilities was working a bracket board. He was at every World Series in Tennessee and was also in charge of the brackets at the 565 team World Series played in Columbus. This was the first event that the 3 game bracket was used and Mike was a master at ensuring teams were properly placed on the bracket.

Following Mike’s retirement from NSA, he was still called and ask if he would work an event, even the World Series, and he never ask how much the pay was. When he arrived at the site, his words were the same “WHAT DO YOU NEED ME TO DO KIDDO”.

Mike is well deserving of this induction into the NSA-BPA Sports Hall of Fame as the 32nd Director.