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NSA Hall of Fame: Paul Armstrong (2008)



Paul Armstrong is the first and only SP UIC that the State of Alabama has ever had.  Paul joined the NSA family in 1990 and during his time with the NSA Paul has been the UIC for every Slow Pitch World Series that has ever been to the state of Alabama.  Paul has UIC’d countless local tournaments, hundreds of state and Regional tournaments and has been a driving force for the NSA’s growth in the state of Alabama.  Paul was the UIC for every Youth Slow Pitch World Series tournament in the state of Alabama.  Paul has also UIC’d every Seniors tournament and World Series tournament in the state of Alabama and in the Florida pan handle as well every Church World Series and Co-Ed World Series that has been held in Alabama and in the Florida pan handle.  In 1998 Paul became a Lifetime member of the NSA Hall of Fame. 

In 1997 Paul won his first of two State UIC of the year awards.  In 1999 Paul would win the coveted State UIC of the year for a second time.  After the death of Mike Coppinger in 2000, the State UIC and the Regional UIC awards were combined to make up the Coppinger award beginning in 2002.  Paul was the third recipient of the most coveted of all UIC awards in 2004. 

Throughout his career in the NSA, Paul has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles conducting countless clinics, teaching and mentoring thousands of umpires and supporting and promoting the NSA to anyone who would take time to listen.  He consistently registers hundreds of umpires every year in the state Alabama, and continues to grow his umpire core through his loyalty and never wavering resolve to make NSA the best that it can be.  Paul does all this while still umpiring hundreds of games every year.  As an umpire, Paul doesn’t have to take a back seat to anyone.  He is among the elite umpires in the country.  Making Paul one of the few that are actually Great UIC’s as well as Great umpires. 

Paul is married to the former DeLisa Hulsey and they have two children, Tyler and Mason Armstrong. 

Paul Armstrong has few equals in the softball world when it comes down to the duties of a UIC and the performance of an umpire.  In November of 2008 Paul Armstrong became the 11th Umpire to be inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame.