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NSA Hall of Fame: Ramada Plaza (IN) (2012)

CATEGORY: Meritorious


Since 1994, the Ramada Plaza has been the host hotel for teams for every NSA and BPA event held at the City-County Athletic Complex in Warsaw, IN.  In addition to providing rooms for the tournament umpires and personnel, they also provide rooms to the teams playing in the tournaments.  They have hosted numerous state and zone meetings, banquets, and umpire clinics throughout their relationship with the NSA-BPA programs.

In addition to providing lodging, the Ramada Plaza has also been a financial sponsor for many NSA adult and youth Qualifiers, State, Regional, World Series as well as BPA Qualifiers and World Series events.

The City-County Athletic Complex could not have successfully held as many or as large of NSA-BPA events without the cooperation and commitment of the Ramada Plaza.

On October 25, 2012, the Ramada Plaza of Warsaw was inducted into the Meritorious Category of the NSA Sports Hall of Fame.