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NSA Hall of Fame: Tim Fishburn (2000)

CATEGORY: Director


Tim Fishburn started his road to the NSA Hall of Fame from humble beginnings.  He started as an umpire at Midwest Sports in Indianapolis.  From there Tim was appointed the UIC of the complex. In 1984, Tim Fishburn worked at Midwest as an umpire. In 1986, Tim became the Park Manager at Midwest. In 1989, R.N. Thompson purchased Midwest from Chuck Walters, and Tim remained the manager. In 2000, Tim Fishburn purchased Midwest Sports Complex. Like any building, after a few years it needed attention. Tim has given Midwest that attention, and today Midwest stands as one of the top softball complexes in the United States. For 19 years (at the time of this writing), NSA has had loyalty and support from the Midwest Sports Complex organization. On November 7, 2002, Midwest Sports Complex became the first park to be inducted into NSA’s Sports Hall of Fame, and Tim Fishburn was at the forefront of that great complex getting NSA’s highest honor.

Over the years Tim has served as State Director, Area Director, and Tournament Director for countless NSA events.  Each and every event has been run with class and professionalism right down to the last pitch.  The commitment that Tim has given the sport of softball and to his NSA family has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Tim has been a mainstay in NSA for all these years and continues to do so with the same energy as he did in the 80’s.   NSA in the state of Indiana and in the Midwest United States would not be where it is today, if it weren’t for Tim Fishburn.

Tim has spent countless hours on different NSA committee’s over the years, in an effort to shape NSA into what it has grown into.  One particular joy for Tim over the years has been the new programs that NSA would add.  His passion for the NSA program and its new programs that were added during Tim’s tenure as committee chairman seemed to give Tim an even greater satisfaction than the old standard programs that were already established.  To say that NSA is a far better organization because of Tim Fishburn is probably an understatement but it explains his impact on NSA and on the world of softball.  From umpire to director to park owner to the Hall of Fame is the path that Tim Fishburn walked. 

In November of 2000, Tim Fishburn became the 6th Director to be inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.