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NSA Hall of Fame: Toby Baccante (2020)



Toby Baccante started his umpiring career with NSA in 1998 as a Slow Pitch Umpire in the state of Virginia.  He has worked numerous local, state championships, and regional tournaments.  He has also worked 22 Adult World Series, 5 Girls Fast Pitch World Series, 16 Adult Super World Series and 16 Adult Winter World Series tournaments during his career with NSA.   

After relocating to North Carolina, Toby continued to work with the NSA adult program and added youth fast pitch to the programs he was umpiring.   In 2010, Toby also became a local Adult Slow Pitch Director in Eastern NC, where we had no presence, and has consistently registered 55-60 teams per year in the Wilmington, NC city leagues.

Toby’s game management, impeccable appearance on the field and his professional interaction with the coaches, makes him the consummate professional of the game.  He is a true ambassador of the game and represents NSA well. 

On November 7, 2021 Toby Baccante was inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame in the Umpire Category as a member of the 2020 Class.