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NSA Hall of Fame: Westside Bullets Softball Club (2021)

CATEGORY: Meritorious


Westside Bullets Softball Club (CA) was established by Stan Hansen in February 1994 after Stan was asked to coach an All-Star team that traveled to some NSA tournaments and decided to stay together and form a travel team.

Since 1994, the Bullets organization has registered teams in all age divisions and has primarily played only NSA tournaments.  They have won over 12 World Series tournaments and 30+ State Championships.  They formed a showcase program which has seen well over 125 players move on to the next level of play and receive scholarships from D1-3, NAIS and JUCO colleges.

The Westside Bullets Softball Club exemplifies excellence both on and off the field and are recognized as one of the top programs in the state of California.

On November 7, 2021 Westside Bullets Softball Club was inducted into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame in the Meritorious Category as a member of the 2021 Class.