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NSA Hall of Fame: Willie Alexander (2006)



Willie Alexander started his career with the NSA in 1986 as an umpire that umpired locally for the directors in and around Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina.  If it was NSA Softball, Willie was there umpiring it and getting the finals more than his fair share.  But Willie wasn’t simply an NSA umpire in those early days.  If it needed done, Willie did it.  If it needed someone to go get it, Willie went and got it.  Willie simply did everything from the ground level up to get the NSA program up and going in the Carolinas.

Willie was the very first umpire from North Carolina to travel to other states to represent NSA at tournament venues.  Willie traveled thousands of miles on countless weekends and worked countless NSA softball games from the youngest youth divisions to the Men’s Major level.  His game management and people skills made Willie a huge hit in all levels of play, not to mention the umpire skills that Willie possessed.  Willie used those umpire skills to take over the state of North Carolina as the State Umpire in Chief.  A position that Willie held for several years serving in any capacity that any of the various directors in the Carolina’s needed.  If the tournament was in the Carolina’s; Willie was the UIC.  Sometimes working as an umpire and being the UIC as well.  Willie was such a valuable asset to any tournament that he was a part of that he sometimes held down several jobs at once during the tournaments.  His value behind the scenes as an umpire, director, clinician, UIC or simply a gopher cannot be put into a dollar amount when you look at the success of not only the Carolina’s, but the east coast as a whole.  Quite simply, Willie Alexander is that special type of person that doesn’t come along very often and when he does, you become a far richer person because he passed your way.  For his gifts as an umpire and his love of people and the game of softball, in November of 2006, Willie Alexander became the 9th umpire to be inducted into the National Softball Association Sports Hall of Fame.