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NSA Hall of Fame: Worth, Inc. (2004)

CATEGORY: Meritorious


Worth Sports has been a long time supporter of the National Softball Association.  Through incentive programs for NSA Directors, their tournament sponsorship packages, and fulfilling special requests that are geared towards the overall NSA program, Worth has proven time after time it’s staunch support of the game of softball and to the NSA.  Worth Inc.  is a company that has great integrity from every part of their organization.  Their dedication and determination for the betterment of softball has always been second to none.  Worth is a leader in the industry of softball products and development, and have been for decades.  Their management and representatives have always worked with the NSA on a National basis as well as working with the every day director out in the field.  Quite simply, Worth is a company who believes in old fashioned values and loyalty which has endeared their company to the NSA family of directors and umpires.  The Optic Yellow Softball that has been the NSA standard for it’s softballs since the mid 90’s is a reality because Worth Inc. went out on a limb for the NSA Major Circuit.  Worth produced the Optic Yellow softball exclusively for the NSA Major Circuit.  The Optic Yellow Ball is now the standard softball for NCAA, NFHS as well as many other associations.

Worth’s contributions to the world of softball, not just the NSA, cannot be measured.  From ground breaking technology in the making of a softball to space age technology in it’s design and engineering of softball bats, to it’s glove design, protective equipment design, Worth Inc.  remains an industry leader today.  For Worth’s contributions to the world of softball in November of 2004, Worth Inc. became the 4th equipment company to be inducted in the Meritorious Category into the NSA Sports Hall of Fame.