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NSA Hall of Fame: Don Snopek (1999)



Don Snopek began his administrative and umpiring career with the National Softball Association the fall of 1984.  Don has served in many capacities in the NSA culminating with him being named National Umpire-In-Chief for the NSA Slow Pitch Program in 1986.  When the NSA developed a National Baseball Program in 1999, Don was named its first National Baseball Umpire-In-Chief.

Don co-authored and has been one of the editors of the NSA Rulebook along with serving on its National Rules Committee since 1985.  Don in conjunction with Eddie Ray Cantrell, co-authored the National Softball Association’s first Umpire’s Manual.  In the spring of 1985 Don was one of the original co-contributors along with being a co-author of the NSA By-Laws.

Don was named to the NSA Board of Directors in 1985 and was honored by being voted the Board of Director of the Year in 1986 and 1997.  Don has served on numerous committees in order to advance the softball and baseball programs of the National Softball Association.  Don served as an assistant to Hugh Cantrell representing the NSA in its meetings at the Softball Summits. 

Don has umpired in numerous NSA tournaments from the local to the National level.  Don worked as Tournament Umpire-In-Chief in both the Slow and Fast Pitch National Tournaments.

In November of 1999 Don Snopek became the third umpire to be inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.