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NSA Hall of Fame: Jack Roney (1994)

CATEGORY: Director



  • 1986 Presidential Award of Excellence
  • 2007 State Director of the Year

Jack Roney joined the NSA family in 1983 before the NSA sanctioned its first team.  Jack soon became Hugh Cantrell’s top assistant and most trusted confidant with the NSA.   Jack and Hugh logged thousands upon thousands of miles in those early days traveling to park and recreation departments and private facilities promoting the NSA to whoever would give them a listen.  The zigzagging across the country paid off for the NSA as Hugh, with Jack by his side, was able to secure enough private facilities and park and recreation departments to get NSA off the ground.

Jack has served as Tournament Director of numerous World Series Tournaments including the record breaking Youth World Series in Columbus OH.  Jack served as KY State Director from 1985 – 1987, National Women’s Director from 1985 – 1987 and National Church Director from 1987 – 1990.  Then back at the helm of Kentucky as the State Director there from 1990 through this writing in September 2002.  In the fall of 1985 Jack was the third person appointed to the Board of Directors by President and CEO Hugh Cantrell.  As of 2002, Jack is still one of the most respected and most admired Board Members of the NSA.

In 1985 Jack became the first person to be win the Board of Director of the Year award, winning it again in 1996 becoming the second two-time winner.  In 1986 Jack won NSA’s top honor and became the second recipient of the prestigious Presidential Award of Excellence.    

Jack’s softball field, “Roney Park” in Science Hill, KY was the site of the second NSA qualifier in April of 1983.  Over the years Roney Park hosted thousands of league games, qualifiers and state tournament games for the NSA.  It was amazing how many teams that one little ball field in Science Hill sanctioned for the NSA in those early years.  Jacks contributions to the NSA are and have been unmeasurable.  His dedication to the NSA over the years is above reproach. 

In November 1994, Jack Roney was the second Director behind only Hugh Cantrell to be inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.