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NSA Hall of Fame: John DeLuca (2003)




  • 1991 Mike Pascuzzi Award (Slow pitch Umpire of the Year)
  • 1997 110% Award
  • 2002 Mary Conner Youth Fastpitch Outstanding Achievement Award

The thing that you will notice first about John DeLuca is his love of people and life.  The next thing that you will notice about John is that his whole wardrobe is NSA.  You never see John that he is not proudly wearing something that says NSA.  John started with NSA in the 80’s as an umpire.  John’s first World Series Tournament was the Men’s Major World Series.  Most umpires worked years for that kind of honor, but John not only worked the tournament, he became one of the work horses.  From that point on, John  never looked or stepped backward.  John has worked several Men’s Major World Series since then and 42 other NSA World Series in Fast and Slow Pitch and most of which John was picked to work the finals.  His skills as a complete umpire are legendary.  From his pressed and polished uniform to his game management, to his rapport with the players, coaches, fans and above all, his fellow umpires.  Simply said; John DeLuca is a legend in the state of Ohio whenever the NSA comes to town.  It can easily be said that as long as there are umpires that umpire NSA softball, John DeLuca is the measuring stick that most will be measured by.

In 1991 John won the prestigious Mike Pascuzzi award, the highest award given to an NSA Slow Pitch Umpire.  In 1992 John was appointed as a State Director for NSA. John’s blood is in umpiring, and the NSA Hall of Fame Committee recognized John as one of the best umpires ever and the rest they say is history.  In 1994, John was awarded the National Softball Association Lifetime Membership Award.  In 1997, John won prestigious 110% Award from the National Softball Association, and in 2001, John won the National Softball Association State Director Improvement Award.  In 2002, John was awarded the Distinguished Service Award at the Girls Fast Pitch Western World Series.  John is still the president of the North Shore Umpires Association and still assigns the North Coast Athletic Conference.

John’s work as an Umpire, UIC or Director has always been second to none and always above reproach.  John has been and continues to be an umpire’s umpire, and in November of 2003 John DeLuca became the 5th umpire to be inducted into the NSA Hall of Fame.